I wasn’t planning on doing Ironman Arizona 70.3 this year. My plans for the beginning of 2020 was to become a gym rat and do some bodybuilding. It seems like a good idea and a change of pace from endurance sports.

A global pandemic was brewing and about to change my plans.

Life Happens

The gym is closed. Time to do something new.

I got into my gym rat routine, then one day, the gym was closed. I understand public officials wanting to manage the virus. What I realized was that I need to change my plans. It wasn’t going to do any good lamenting that I was not able to get my weightlifting workout in.

Lesson learned – life happens. It is a waste of time to crying over it.

New Goals

Tammy Chavet and me just finishing our ride. Good times with Ironman Arizona 70.3 Training

A goal without a timeline is just a dream.

Robert Herjavec

I was depressing that my bodybuild plans changed. I needed a new goal if I wasn’t going to sit in front of my computer and watch the news.

Ironman Arizona 70.3 was open. My friend Tammy Chavet and I were up for a challenge and decided to train for the half ironman.

We figured it would be a much better idea than getting depress watching the news, eating junk food, and worrying about the world around us.

If one goal is good, then two is grand. I didn’t know if Ironman Arizona 70.3 would happen. Tammy and I added hiking Rim to Rim at the Grand Canyon to our 2020 goal list.

Lesson learned – working towards a goal helped me my sanity and to stay focused on my health and fitness.

Endurance Community

One of the reason I enjoy endurance sports so much is that I see my friends on a regular basis. So many people became depressed during the pandemic.

Thankfully, I never felt that way. I saw my friends while training. We were outside, moving, and getting lots of fresh air and sun. All of which us make endorphins and vitamin D. We stayed healthy and happy.

Our Tuesday morning training at the Verrado Victory Steps. Training with friends for the Rim to Rim hike at the Grand Canyon. Cathe, Luis, Steph, John and Tammy.
Monday was Open Water Swim Day. Lake Pleasant Open Water Swim with me, Foster, Tammy and Kyle

Lesson learned – Spending time outside and training with friends helps me stay happy.

Mission Accomplished

Goal 1 – Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is beautiful and amazing. All the hard work paid off and we hiked Rim to Rim in the Grand Canyon in one day. I have wanted to do this for years. Mission accomplished. I loved it so much, it is on the schedule for 2021.

Hiking Rim to Rim at the Grand Canyon

Goal 2 – Ironman Arizona 70.3

Tammy and I were not sure that Ironman AZ 70.2 was happening. We received an email two weeks before race day. Ironman Arizona 70.3 was happening.

Well shoot, I was still sore from the Grand Canyon and didn’t feel like I was in the best shape to do a half ironman. Oh well. I was going to show up to the start line and see what happend.

Sore from the Grand Canyon, and was a bit over trained. No worries, my plan was to keep moving from start to finish. I kept going until I crossed the finish line 8 hours and 34 minutes later.

This is not a good half ironman time, but who cares. I did it, enjoyed the day. I probably would have made the cut off time if I hadn’t stopped a couple of times to chat with friends. Not the best race practice, but it’s 2020, not a normal race in not a normal year.

At the 2020 Ironman Arizona 70.3 finish line. Thank you to my training friends for showing up to cheer Tammy and Me on. (L-R – Albert, John, Luis, Me, Tammy, Cathe, and Kyle)

Lesson Learned – A pandemic doens’t have to get in the way of reaching goals.

2020 Lessons Learned

Taking care of myself so I can take care of others.

Lesson learned – Training gave me the strength to be supportive to those around me

2021 Paying it Forward

I am sad for those suffering from the pandemic. For 2021 I am paying it forward. I’m training and fundraising for Ironman Coeur d’Alene for the IronAid – Ironman Foundation COVID relief support. Please support me if you can. If you need aid please contact one of the IronAid supported charities.

Train with me

Starting January 2021 I will post group training events. Please join us! I am happy to provide custom training plans and coaching too.

May your 2021 be joyful, happy, and blessed.


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